Robotic Assisted Surgery

This is Mako….

Mako is a robotic-arm assisted technology that helps surgeons provide patients with a truly personalised surgical experience. The Mako robot allows us to place the knee replacement on a 3D model of the patients own anatomy, constructed from a CT scan.

This model is then matched to the real anatomy at the start of the operation. The system enables us to assess the stability of the patients knee and ligaments, and by manipulating the position of the implants in the virtual model, we can adjust the overall balance of the knee throughout movement.

Once the ideal position has been decided upon, the robotic arm then ensures that we make the cuts with a very high degree of accuracy to place the implant exactly where we planned. The overall effect is to enable us to place the knee in with very high accuracy and to ensure the knee is a close to normal biomechanical function as possible.

The Mako robotic assisted knee replacement results in a knee that feels more normal to the patient than with traditional methods and a resultant higher satisfaction level for patients.


Hip Replacement & Total or Partial Knee Replacement

Whether you require a hip replacement or total or partial knee replacement, Mako has a solution for you. Watch the short video below
to learn more about the truly revolutionary Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology System.

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How the Mako Robotic-Arm Works

Over the years, hip and knee replacement techniques and instrumentation have undergone countless improvements.

When you hear ‘robotic-arm assisted technology,’ it’s important to understand that the Mako Robotic-Arm doesn’t actually perform the surgery. Your surgery is performed by your chosen surgeon, using the Mako System software to pre-plan your surgery.

Your surgeon will guide the Mako robotic-arm to remove diseased bone and cartilage after which we will insert a hip replacement or total or partial knee implant. Mako Technology was designed to help surgeons provide patients with a personalised surgical experience based on their specific diagnosis and anatomy.

Personalised for you

A virtual model from a CT scan is loaded into the Mako system software to make a personalised pre-op plan.  The surgeon guides the robotic-arm within the pre-defined area which ensures the surgeon stays within the planned boundaries.